Parking Passes & Downtown Parking Map
New business owner in downtown?  You and your employees will probably each need a parking pass for parking in one of the city lots.  These passes are currently available at Faith and Giggles.  Contact them directly to obtain, and for more information on available lots.

Sidewalk Snow Removal and Winter Parking
Snow and ice must be removed from city sidewalks within 12 daylight hours after the snow and ice event is over.  For details, review the city's Snow & Ice Removal On City Sidewalk Policy.
From December 1st through March 31st, no vehicles can be parked on the city streets between 3am and 6am.  For details, review the city's Winter Parking Regulations.
Need help clearing your snow and ice?  

Building Business Usage
Wondering what kinds of businesses your downtown building can house?  Review the city's Chapter 13 Zoning Ordinance for more information on permitted and conditional uses in your business district.

Building Signage
Need to put up a new sign for your business?  Make sure you work with the city, and follow their requirements.  Under the city's Chapter 13, Zoning document, review Section 13.006 - Signs and Graphics.
Local sign company, SignWorks, is also a valuable resource.  They know the rules inside and out and can work with you to create your desired sign.

Business/Building Funding Resources
In need of some additional capital for funding business or building improvements?  

Police Department
The Hartford Police Department is a great partner of area business and building owners, and is located right downtown on Main Street.  If you have a non-emergency issue or question, reach out to them at (262) 673-2600.
Note:  The police department also opens and closes/locks the Main Street Link Building, and has access to that building's video surveillance.

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