Cable Television

Where to Watch

The City of Hartford’s Government Access Station televises 24/7 on:



The purpose of Hartford’s Government Access Channel is primarily to assist the Administration of the City of Hartford in keeping the public informed of the operations of city government. The station is completely funded by monies provided as a result of franchise fees paid to the city by Charter Communications and AT&T.

No tax dollars are used in the operation of Hartford’s Government Access Channel.


A general schedule of televised city meetings and regular weekly/monthly programming can be found on our schedule calendar. The actual schedule may vary.

Available Meetings

Common Council meetings are available to view on-demand on our Video-On-Demand Website and our YouTube Channel typically one day after the meeting is held. Other select programming is also available to view.  PLEASE NOTE:  The City of Hartford will be phasing out its YouTube presence in favor of our new Video-On-Demand station, which includes live streaming.

Please Note

The City of Hartford is no longer the franchise holder for cable television services in the Greater Hartford area. All cable television franchise agreements are now between the State of Wisconsin and the provider company.

If you are experiencing trouble getting a service issue resolved, it is recommended that you contact the State’s Department of Financial Institutions or call 608-261-9555.